Our COurses

Swahili For Kids

 ✅ Learn Swahili with songs and lyrics
✅ Play fun and interactive games
✅ Positive reinforcement to instill a lifelong love of learning!

General Swahili

✅ Build up your Swahili step by step
✅ Speak with confidence
✅ Learn effective self-study techniques

Swahili Speaking & Writing

✅ High-Score Vocabulary
✅ Pronunciation & Accent Correction
✅ Helpful expressions + sentence & essay structures
✅ Ideas for different topics

Swahili For Academics

✅ High-Score Vocabulary for academics 

✅ Build up Swahili knowledge step by step

✅  Exam Preparation

✅ Ideas for different topics

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Frequently asked questions

For the beginner level, I recommend 120hrs but it can be less if you understand quicker and maybe you are living with Swahili natives

For online classes we mainly use zoom, but  we also use other platforms like skype ,goggle meet and platform which our students would want to use

The answer is yes! Anyone can learn Kiswahili so long as they are willing

The Idea came after realizing the gap in Swahili Language and also the risk of losing languages in the world due to migration and intermarriages

For now we are not hiring but keep following us on social media for updates because we will be hiring in future




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