World cup vocabulary

The world cup (Kombe la Dunia) is one of the most famous events in the world. In the cities of the event is happening people from all walks of life travel to the place to support their teams and also be part of the history. To the hosting country, the government and businesses are happy as it is a source of revenue and income for the people. 

On the other hand, in the village, it’s an exciting event where people go and watch the television in the nearby market or the neighbor who has a television. 

In Summary, a world cup is a sporting event that brings people together as same as the role Swahili plays as a language

The Following is Swahili vocabulary relating to the world of football:

Referee - Mwamuzi
First Half - Kipindi cha kwanza
unifrom- Jezi
Yellow Card- Kadi ya Manjano
Red Card -Kadi Nyekundu
Assistant referee -Mwamuzi msaidizi Flag- Bendera
Free Kick- Mpira wa madhambi

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