5 Swahili words will be used in the late President Kibaki

kenya is sad after losing its third president Emilio Mwai Kibaki

Kenya is sad after losing the third president –Emilio Mwai Kibaki. Here are 5 Swahili words which will be used in Kenya’s ritual of sending off a President.

  1. Msafara- Procession.

The president will be taken from the Lee Funeral home every day from morning to the Parliament building for body viewing. The military will be guarding the body for 24 hours till the burial.

                 2.Wanajeshi- military

The president’s body will be guarded by the military every day till burial in a 24hour patrol. The soldiers with a rank of a colonel commanded by a Brigadier are assigned to this task

          3 .Gwaride la heshima- Guard of honor

On the way to the morgue and to the parliament building, the president will be met by salutes by the Discipline forces which will be guarding the body on the way. The military will have a gun salute which they keep the guns facing up

                      4.Saluti ya mizinga- Gun salut

As a military tradition, the military will fire a 19-gun salute as a way of honoring the fallen commander in Chief.

                     5. Mazishi-Burial

On  April 28th, 2022 the president will be laid at rest at his home in Nyeri.

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