Swahili Tenses


Tense Marker

Simple Past


Present Participle


Past Participle




Conditional Present


Conditional past (would)



More examples In a STROVE defined way:



Ku-pik-a: Kupika (to cook)



Present Tense

Ni-na-pik-a: Ninapika

(I am cooking)

U-na-pik-a: Unapika

(You are cooking)

Tu-na-pik-a: Tunapika

(We are cooking)

M-na-pika: Mnapika

(You all are cooking)

Wa-na-pik-a: Wanapika

(They are cooking)



Simple Past Tense

Ni-li-pik-a: Nilipika (I cooked)

U-li-pik-a: Ulipika (You cooked)

Tu-li-pik-a: Tulipika

 (We cooked)

M-li-pik-a: Mlipika

(You all cooked)

Wa-li-pik-a: Walipika

(They cooked)






Past Perfect Tense

Ni-me-pik-a: Nimepika

(I have cooked)

U-me-pik-a: umepika

(You have cooked)

A-me-pik-a: Amepika

(He/she has cooked)

Tu-me-pik-a: Tumepika

(We have cooked)

M-me-pik-a: mmepika

(You all have cooked)

Wa-me-pik-a: Wamepika
   (They have cooked)






Future Tense

Ni-ta-pik -a: Nitapika

(I will cook)

U-ta-pik-a: Utapika

(You will cook)

A-ta-pik-a: Atapika

 (He/she will cook)

Tu-ta-pik-a: Tutapika

(We will cook)

M-ta-pik-a: Mtapika

 (You all will cook)

Wa-ta-pik-a: Watapika

(They will cook)

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